We're not doing enough to combat racism

Posted6/29/2020 1:00 AM

By his name and picture, I assume Mr. Mukoyama is of Japanese ancestry. So am I. And we are in the same age bracket. I wonder if he is aware of the incarceration of over 110,000 Japanese-Americans during World War II? There was no due process, no legal or moral or religious justification for this. It was simply racial.

Also, first generation Japanese and Chinese (those who came here, not those first born here) could not own property. Anything they built here had to be "owned" by someone born here. That was based on federal laws which were obviously racist.


What Mr. Mukoyama said is through rose-tinted glasses. Yes, the United States was founded with the belief that humans are born with certain inalienable rights, but they also considered only 3/5 of the number black slaves added to the number of white people in a state nor were they considered having any rights. When they said "all men are created equal" they did not consider black slaves nor did they even consider women of any color or situation.

Mr. Mukoyama has a strong belief in God which has served him well. But that belief is not shared by everyone and not practiced by many more. I don't believe every white person in the United States is racist but systemic racism is so prevalent that it has to be considered predominant now and historically. There has been improvement but not nearly enough considering the length of time we've had to try.

Keane Oshita

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