Right wrongs with sense and compassion

Posted6/29/2020 1:00 AM

It seems so many are up in arms about the removal of Confederate statues, claim that history will be erased. Recently the Holocaust museum was opened depicting all the horrors and deaths of millions of Jews at the hand of Hitler. I doubt very much that a statue of Hitler in the town square of Skokie or Buffalo Grove would be there long if it were up to the densely populated Jewish community. The same holds true of all the Confederate statues or slave owners that dot the locations in the predominantly Black communities.

History does not have to be erased, nor does it have to be shoved down someone's throat on a daily basis. For some, the memories are too near and dear; having to look at the cause of their torment is inexcusable. Museums and history books are a source of any information someone is seeking, it needn't be a constant reminder.


In regard to the removal of the names of military posts, why can't more positive names be allocated, such as Fort Washington, Fort Lincoln, Fort Patten, Fort Eisenhower, to name a few. We can right the wrongs if we use our common sense and our compassion.

Judith Reed

Mount Prospect

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