Don't point fingers; lend a hand

Posted6/29/2020 1:00 AM

I recently read a statement by Jeanne Ives' campaign accusing my representative, Sean Casten, of failing to do "anything of any significance" to address the danger of coronavirus in long term care facilities. Remembering the AARP Town Hall Casten gave back in April that provided local LTCF occupants and workers with advice from experts, as well as his constant push for resources for increased PPE, staffing, cleaning equipment and critical telecommunications for that population ever since, I wondered how she could say such a thing.

I guess it's just politics as usual -- attack opponents to win votes. But these are not usual times. We are in this together. And we have seen some extraordinary things: officers in several states taking a knee in solidarity with protesters, protesters linking arms to protect a policeman from an angry crowd in Louisville, and distinguished generals showing the courage to stand up for democracy in the face of harsh criticism from their party's commander-in-chief. So maybe during this unusual year, we can find a way to work together for the common good, instead of attacking each other.


Stephanie Rice

Downers Grove

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