The Oklahoma debacle

Updated 6/28/2020 10:44 AM

What a wonderful way to start Father's Day ... reading news reports of Trump's massive rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. According to the Tulsa fire marshal, less than 6,200 adoring fans were in attendance. Also, no need for the outdoor stage that was erected to handle the expected overflow crowd of 40,000 that actually amounted to about two dozen folks that could have easily been accommodated in the 12,000-plus empty seats in the Bank of Oklahoma Arena. I suspect that Trump's level of embarrassment is probably higher right now than what the majority of Americans have endured over the past three years due to his antics.

Consequently, I'd be very surprised if Brad Parscale survives this debacle as campaign manager and can only imagine what Trump's profanity-laced tirade must have sounded like after his campaign team returned from Tulsa. I'm also anxious to hear the myriad excuses from the Trump campaign on why the reelection kickoff rally fizzled like a wet bottle rocket on the Fourth of July. Borrowing a past phrase from a prominent member of the Trump crime family, all I can say is, "I'm lovin' it."


Stan Rozycki

Hawthorn Woods

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