Where's the plan?

Updated 6/25/2020 10:27 AM

Making plans are a way for people to alleviate insecurities about the future. Families are implored to have a disaster plan in case of a fire or weather-related disaster. Households have a financial plan, no matter how flimsy, for the month ahead. We make travel plans, retirement plans, plans for the education of our children, plans for everything. Where is our national plan at this stage of the game?

I don't see the semblance of well-thought out plan for the coronavirus pandemic, the recovery of our economy and the systemic racism apparent throughout the United States. We have leaders with great educational backgrounds and long lists of accomplishments, right? But, I don't see a coordinated, well-led and well-articulated plan for the future from anyone.


Is our nation's vision for the future led by a form of impromptu management via the television news outlets, social media and signs in business windows? Would someone please step forward and lead. Leading into the future requires looking to the future, not clinging to the past or being caught in the headlights of a rapidly approaching catastrophe.

Willis Lambertson

Lake Barrington

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