Democracy and disease

Updated 6/23/2020 10:30 AM

The right to peacefully assemble with our fellow citizens has been severely restricted in much of the country. The right to assemble is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and is inalienable. It cannot be repealed by any legislature. It most certainly cannot be repealed by a directive from a governor.

The restrictions are based upon the notion that each person is responsible for the life and health of every other person on the planet. But no law places such an overwhelming responsibility on the individual citizen. In a free society each person makes their own choices to live, love, work and play while preserving their own life and health.


The virus that is causing the COVID-19 pandemic is one of 6,000 different viruses on the planet. Wherever there is life, there is virus. Scientists have discovered that a healthy person is host to trillions of individual bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. These organisms, good and bad, live in the respiratory system, the gut and every square inch of skin on a person's body. They form a cloud around a person with the simple act of breathing.

Public health agencies have fought disease for decades. What injures the nation at this particular time is their dictatorial approach to the pandemic. I ask you now to return to the law and use your own good common sense. Use your powers wisely. Make recommendations if you must, but don't force your will upon the citizens who have entrusted you with enormous powers. I ask you to stand up and be counted. Our very democracy is at stake. Civilization itself is a product of people joining together to solve problems. At long last let us return to a free society and resist those who would take away our freedom.

David Hammer


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