Let's get rid of guns outside the home

Updated 6/22/2020 10:37 AM

We should get rid of guns outside of the home. They shouldn't be used or carried in the street, in cars or in public spaces.

Only sworn officers and deputies, and the National Guard (Jefferson's well-regulated militia) should have carry, especially open-carry, firearm privileges. Uniformed military should not have these privileges, under the restraints of posse comitatus.


One way to de-escalate police violence is to severely limit the availability of street weapons. If handguns (only) are allowed in homes, then the police would not have to assume they will be out-armed as they do their sworn protective duties.

The United States Constitution allows this. Governments are allowed by the Second Amendment to make laws that limit firearms.

Outright bans are more difficult but still achievable, say for military-style assault weapons. Under current law and jurisprudence, civilians should not and do not have unregulated access to any and all firearms. Legitimate firearm uses outside of the home, like hunting for sport, should be much more regulated as well.

I suggest we find our way back to the proper understanding of the Second Amendment. It was written to be a limited right to bear arms even when the Founders' memories were haunted with foreign occupation.

G. Douglas Cole

Downers Grove

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