It's time for all of us to check our privilege

Updated 6/22/2020 10:48 AM

Have you had that sinking feeling when you see the flashing lights of a squad car behind you, wondering what you did, certain you're about to get a ticket? Probably.

Have you ever had the feeling when you see those lights that you might not make it home today? No.


Have you ever gotten onto an elevator and distanced yourself from someone, and pulled your possessions tight to yourself? Probably.

Have you ever tensed up coming up to someone on the street, or changed your direction? Probably.

Have you ever pulled your child closer to you while encountering someone in a public space? Probably.

Have you ever been denied entry, the job, the promotion, the raise, the scholarship, the education, the housing, solely based on your skin color? Probably not.

Ingrained behaviors can be changed, but it will take the work of all of us.

We can do better.

Debbie Price

Carol Stream

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