Mayor should model respect she expects

Updated 6/22/2020 9:32 AM

The recent photograph of the Chicago police officer making an obscene gesture brought to mind the remark from Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Mayor Lightfoot is quick to be offended by the police officer's action, but she thinks it's OK to publicly use an offensive obscenity speaking to the president of the United States.

It seems she expects her police department to act with the utmost professionalism and standards despite police officers being attacked, spit on, shot at, have feces and urine and Molotov cocktails thrown at them.


I was born and raised in Chicago and will always be a proud Chicagoan. I am also a disabled woman U.S. Navy Wave veteran. In the military, we are expected to respect our Commanding Officer and senior officers and petty officers. Our military training and values remain with us our entire lives.

How can Mayor Lightfoot hold her police officers to the highest standards when she herself displays such vulgar language and disrespect to the highest office in our United States?

Shame, shame, shame on you, Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Mary Rather


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