Biased reports drive perceptions of police

Updated 6/22/2020 9:32 AM

While I agree that the death of Mr. Floyd was tragic, it was caused by a person who should not be a cop. Reasonable police reform (not defined by politicians and their agendas) and training is always needed and improvement will continue. However, to vilify all police around the country is a mistake and irresponsible. More than 99% of them are good people, and they risk their lives every day to protect people, businesses and property. They deserve our support.

A very large share of the negative perception of law enforcement is being driven by biased and purposely inaccurate media coverage. If a person who is arrested does as he or she is told by the police during the process, they more than likely will be OK. Finally, the destruction of property and business is not acceptable and inexcusable no matter what the circumstances.


Dave Watson

Hoffman Estates

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