Trump is not what America stands for

Updated 6/22/2020 9:20 AM

Thank you, Mitt Romney. We were so close to getting Donald Trump out of office. A vote of 48 "guilty" and 52 "not guilty. Are any of you now rethinking your "not guilty" vote?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, listen to your gut and heart. It does not matter Democrat or Republican. It just needs to be someone who cares for all the people of this country and the world.


His mental instability is jeopardizing not only our country, but the world. How different this country would have been, with only five more guilty votes.

He needs to be relieved of his command. He has shown time and time again that it is all about him and not the people of this country or the world. He is not a captain who would sacrifice his life and go down with the ship. He would pull all the women and children out of the life boat to save himself. Then as he sails away you will once again hear him congratulating himself on what a great job he did, never once looking back.

He is not my president. He by no means represents my views or feelings. Please, I beg the world, do not judge America by this man. He is not what America stands for. He and his followers are the minority.

Karen Fahlgren


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