A disturbing Stage 3 experience

Updated 6/22/2020 9:20 AM

It was June 5, and we just felt like getting a good takeout meal. What we experienced in Geneva was troubling to say the least. We called the restaurant to let them know we were at the curb in our car and while we waited, we watched people everywhere. Outdoor tables were 6 feet apart, yes, but the sidewalks were crowded with people greeting each other loudly and hugging.

Several families with children walked by. Couples over 60 squeezed by on the sidewalk. Patrons would lean within 2 feet of the servers to ask questions or give their orders. Others stood in place waiting for their table.


At one time, there were 17 people within 12 feet of our car -- not counting the several that walked right next to us at the curb because the sidewalk was blocked.

The most concerning thing, besides the total lack of physical distancing, is that not one person wore a mask. Other than the servers and us. An order mix-up meant that we sat waiting with our masks for 30 minutes, surrounded by people milling around the sidewalk and servers putting themselves in danger.

While it's wonderful to be out again in Stage 3, COVID19 isn't gone. Distancing and masks can limit the spread and prevent a new surge of cases. Please -- think of others, including restaurant staff and keep a distance and wear masks in crowded public spaces.

Paula and David Altekruse

St. Charles

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