Choose results, not rhetoric

Updated 6/11/2020 12:00 PM

It would be shameful if the message, spirit and energy of the current demonstrations were lost because leadership of the major cities and towns couldn't or wouldn't act to prevent the violence, injury and property damage that diminished the impact of the peaceful demonstrations.

For decades, these city leaders have substantially failed to adequately address the problems in their "communities of color" which continue to be isolated and challenged by drugs, crime, violence and some of the poorest schools in the nation, discouraging needed investment.


No doubt, policing plays a role and needs reform, but history has shown that effective policing makes these communities safer.

However, it's not enough and must be accompanied by targeted investment, development and quality education that enables these communities to grow and prosper from within. The current presidential administration has made a significant contribution by promoting job training, investment through programs like Opportunity Zones and job creation through economic growth.

This has driven black and Latino unemployment to record lows and provided wage increases at the lower income levels.

In November, voters need to carefully consider who can most effectively address these issues, basing that decision on results, not rhetoric.

Bob Stozek


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