What do they fear?

Updated 6/8/2020 10:03 AM

Why are Trump and his cabal of Republican co-conspirators in the demise of America so afraid of American citizens exercising our Constitutional right to vote? Trump says voting by mail is fraudulent, yet he, his cabinet, and his propaganda mouthpiece, press secretary have all voted by mail for years.

In fact, the only recent instance of election fraud was perpetrated by a Republican convicted of harvesting ballots in North Carolina.


So why are they afraid of the majority casting their ballots in the most consequential election in American history?

Could it be that educated, informed Americans have utter disdain for the 18,000-plus fact-checked lies, corruption, incompetence and abdication of their oaths of office to protect Americans, our Democracy, our Constitution and the rule of law?

Could it be that the majority of voters abhor:

Trump's dereliction of duty in handling the pandemic, economic collapse, and 100K-plus deaths while lying to America and blaming everyone except his own incompetence?

Trump's 10 counts of obstruction of justice and 120 instances of aiding and abetting Putin's attack on the 2016 Elections evidenced in the Mueller Report?

Republicans exonerating Trump in his impeachment for proven criminal extortion and bribery of Ukraine to make up "fake dirt" on Biden?

The GOP tax cuts, socialism for the rich, which exploded the deficit?

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The firing of inspectors general exposing the corruption of Trump, the White House, CDC, FBI, DHS, CIA and Justice Departments now run by Trump sycophants?

The 40-plus years of Reaganomics, defunding and deregulation of environmental, consumer, labor, banking, education and healthcare protections of We the People?

The list goes on.

Are they simply afraid that neither gerrymandering, voter suppression, flipping counts nor Putin will be able to hack our vote by mail this November? Why are they afraid of democracy?

Bob Janz


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