Democrats won't solve our problems

Updated 6/8/2020 10:03 AM

The opinion piece by Kerry Doctor on May 30 shows the hypocrisy boiling in the Democrats' brains. Three and a half years after the election, she and many, many more spend their lives in despair and depression. It has nothing to do with the facts.

Like correcting all the terrible foreign deals Obama made with China and Iran. Bringing our economy to the best point in Americas history after Obama spent eight years wandering around the White House in utter confusion.


Kerry said she cried when President Trump won because he was basically a male chauvinist. Like Kerry, I cried as well, with tears of joy, as finally the Obama administration was over and his selected choice Hillary Clinton wouldn't be taking the country further down a hole. Of course, Bill Clinton would be there as well, and we know he wasn't a womanizer. Yeh right ... Bet Kerry voted for him too.

Now that the COVID-19 virus has destroyed the world economy, except in China, which should get you thinking, we have another choice to make in November. Now I already know which way Kerry is going, as Sleepy Joe Biden will solve all these problems.

I remember well what my parents taught me. "Actions speak louder than words." Something few Democrats can hang their hats on.

Richard Francke


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