Columnists' defense of Barr is a disgrace

Updated 5/24/2020 9:08 AM

Debra Saunders' column supporting the actions of Bill Barr to drop the charges on Flynn is a disgrace. Lying to the FBI is a federal crime to which Flynn, after receiving advice from counsel, pleaded guilty. Her article claims that the 2,000 former federal prosecutors who called for Barr's resignation are being partisan and that Barr was somehow doing his duty. Really?

Why was Barr picked to head the DOJ in the first place but solely to be the attorney not for the people of the United States but for Trump as his new Roy Cohen? From Day One every position he has undertaken has been partisan and to the benefit of the administration. One of the first things he did was misrepresent the findings of the Mueller investigation for the benefit of his one client.


He then has assisted the administration avoiding constitutionally provided oversight by refusing to produce documents subpoenaed from Congress, failed to investigate whistleblower complaints as was the DOJ's duty thereby leaving it up to Congress to do, along with too many other examples to mention here.

Are we simply to ignore his history and think his intentions as to Flynn here are virtuous, especially since they followed the daily comments supporting Flynn from the man who would be king? Why is it so many federal prosecutors have left the DOJ since Barr got there? The problem is that the present administration is so corrupt, has told so many lies and has created such unbelievable chaos in the past three and half years, we seem to only focus on the present atrocities.

The quote Ms. Saunders starts with, which is what the former prosecutors wrote, is the only accurate statement in the piece. Our nation is under the present administration moving much closer to an autocracy.

Rick Shopiro

Buffalo Grove

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