Thank you, Illinois, for your generous 1.5%

Updated 5/22/2020 11:00 AM

Governor, you closed down our businesses and jobs, depriving us of 100% of our income, but demand tax payments due as if nothing happened. The tax bill represents a 12-month operating allocation of funds. Since I will have been deprived of income for up to four months, so should you be deprived of revenue for an equal period of time. This would reflect a gross 25% tax reduction. The 1.5% late payment fee cancellation does little to solve the inequity of your shutdown edicts. Public pay checks flow while our earning ability has been eliminated.

Our president did not create the coronavirus pandemic, just as he didn't create Illinois' billion-dollar pension deficit. As cream always rises to the top, the years of corrupt fiscal management has risen to the surface for all to see. Your recent draconian decision has further destroyed our state's economy.


The buzz word today is risk. None of the legislators were worried about the risk of delaying pension funding or overgenerous, unsustainable pension contribution payments. It is time those who created this debacle to be held accountable and not expect other responsible states or the federal government to fund their corrupt behavior. America triumphs because past generations took risks. Now we reap the rewards of their sacrifices. In our current situation, the people are willing to take the risk of opening our economy. People will make wise and practical safe decisions because it's their life they are fighting to protect and defend. Politicians place political power and control over the practical needs of ordinary citizens.

Life has always had risks, death is inevitable. The risk for a bureaucrat is the loss of power and influence. Death and nature are above their pay grade.

Syl Furmanek

Crystal Lake

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