Coronavirus questions

Updated 5/22/2020 11:00 AM

I would like to know:

The logic of the science that determines it's OK for 30 strangers to congregate in a liquor store or five strangers in a pot shop, but it's not OK for three members of the same family to be on a boat together.


Why the citizens of Illinois must shelter in-place, but it's OK for the governor's wife to use a public airport to fly to Florida to feed their horses.

Why the governor thinks it's all right for 30 baseball players and staff of 20-30 coaches, trainers, and others, to share a locker room, but it is not all right for three citizens to congregate in a mom-'n-pop-run store.

Why educated people -- who understand math and know that if they are under 60 with no preexisting conditions, are very unlikely to die from coronavirus -- can't congregate in public, while at the same time those who are concerned about contracting the virus can still choose to shelter in-place. Please don't tell me we are concerned about overrunning our underutilized hospitals.

Lastly, why members of the press are not asking our governor any of these questions.

Paul Towle

Lake Villa

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