Uncertainties require cautious approach

Updated 5/21/2020 9:01 AM

There seems to be no shortage of opinions about how state and local governments should try to balance public safety and economic viability during the coronavirus pandemic. That is to be expected. In the process, however, officials at all levels are being vilified as inept.

In reality, we are all inept when it comes to COVID-19. Scientists are learning more and more each week, but what is unknown about this virus surpasses what is known. Because the situation is so unique, there is no proven, best path to get us to the other side. Given the lack of clear, consistent leadership at the federal level, state and local leaders are largely left to figure things out on their own.


This is not a political issue, though some will try to make it one. For the most part, our elected officials, from the governor on down, are doing what we elected them to do, which is to lead. We may not always like or agree with their decisions and policies, but "we the people" put them in office and that should be respected.

It is fine to propose different approaches, as some communities are doing. Dissent and discussion are an important part of figuring out the best course. But open disregard for the rule of law is ill advised in these worrisome times.

Bob Dohn

Hoffman Estates

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