Legislature should codify directives

Updated 5/21/2020 9:01 AM

I note the Daily Herald editorial referred to Gov. Pritzker's stay-at-home order as an "emergency directive." I agree and suspect the Illinois Supreme Court would be likely to as well. The Wisconsin Supreme Court held that while the Wisconsin governor could issue an emergency directive, he could not renew it without involving the legislature.

This is probably good government to maintain the balance of powers. The problem is the Wisconsin legislature has not done anything to get a bill requiring personal responsibilities be acted upon by Wisconsin residents.


So, you see the irresponsible behavior in the crowded Wisconsin bar with people exercising personal liberties while not exercising personal responsibilities to maintain social distancing and wear face coverings.

The Daily Herald editorial is correct that the Illinois legislature needs to take action. You called on them to ratify Pritzker's emergency decree and his reopening plan. I just know they need to do something to codify the requirement for people to maintain social distancing and wear face coverings.

This needs to be in place until there is an effective treatment or vaccine. Otherwise, too many people will not care to do their personal responsibilities to maintain social distancing and wear face coverings while exercising their freedoms. Unavoidably, these people will be going to grocery stores and so will the rest of us.

John Captain


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