What is motivation for destroying economy?

Updated 5/19/2020 7:51 AM

The Illinois governor has arbitrarily decided to tie the economic recovery of our state to a test result positivity rate of less than 20%. The big 20% number that has been unquestionably parroted by the mainstream media. Pritzker's number is full of holes. It has everything to do with outside variables and little to do with actual infection rates. Without first considering the pool of people who are being tested the percentage of positive results is mostly an arbitrary number. If only people who are exhibiting symptoms serious enough to spend half a day trying to get tested then the rate will be artificially higher.

As the barriers to testing drop, more people likely to test negative will be tested. For example, in the past few days hospitals started scheduling elective procedures again with the requirement that the patient get tested. This dumped thousands of healthy people into the testing pool. Now the infection rate is dropping. It has nothing to do with the spread of the virus. Make a few thousand extra test kits available in the right higher infection rate Chicago neighborhoods and the rate goes back up.


Pritzker and his questionably qualified posse have tied the economic future of this state to a number that is highly questionable and easily manipulated. We must assume Pritzker has access to people smart enough to understand this issue. The governor talks of how many lives his policies might be saving without ever mentioning how many businesses will definitely die.

He should consider how much discretionary spending is disappearing daily.

How many people are being prevented from earning a living today. So the question becomes, what is his motivation for destroying the Illinois economy?

Dave Schachner

Lake Barrington

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