The better question regarding president

Updated 4/6/2020 5:15 PM

A Fencepost writer recently penned an article titled "Why many people don't like Trump." A better title would be "Why do Trump opponents hate him with such misguided passion?" Yes, you are free to dislike our president and disagree with him. But the biased media, TV networks and newspapers have gone beyond rational criticism. Particularly the TV pundits have been and continue to make disgusting, downright filthy, derogatory, shameful comments and lie almost daily about our duly elected president.

Many choose to compare him to Hitler and Stalin. Even one religious leader had the audacity to compare him to King Herod, the Israeli king, who murdered multiple hundreds of babies in an attempt to eliminate Jesus. And, of course, the idiots in Hollywood have to join in.


These gutter-like comparisons and comments are also used to describe anyone who supports President Trump (deplorables?). And this spills over to Democrat voters. There should be no room for such hurtful rhetoric in a civilized country. President Trump strives to do what, in his view, is best for Americans. Yes, he does some bragging along the way. Is that a legitimate reason to hate rather than help?

The writer says Trump should be positive and strong -- not wishy washy. Huh? Trump usually makes strong statements and follows through, accomplishing a great deal even with constant interference from Democrats.

Democrats were devastated when Trump, against all odds, was elected and have done everything to overthrow our duly elected president. Russian collusion, obstruction, fantasy impeachment and name calling -- racist, inept, white supremacist and more.

Rather than trying to unite our great nation, Democrat politicians have divided us. Could they possibly try so hard to unite our nation as they have to divide it? Let's hope and pray they will.

Paul Saam


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