Congresswoman lacks independence

Updated 4/6/2020 5:15 PM

Residents of the 14th congressional district -- and I am one -- are not hung up on the fact that Lauren Underwood is a Democrat and not a Republican. The problem is that she is a rubber stamp for the Democratic Party, lacking even a kernel of independence. A hard working, intelligent, independent and aggressive Democratic congresswoman would be a strong fit for this office, even in traditional Republican territory.

In her 18 months in office, she has posted a zero, while calling for additional salaries for congressmen and the impeachment of the evil President Trump. Her merit badge comes from her loyal support for the Democrats and her promise to gin up hate for the nation's 45th President whose policies have made the nation shine.


More African Americans are working today than at any time in history, and you would think that Underwood, who is African American, would recognize this and say so in her messages to constituents and on the floor of Congress. Instead, she is an obsequious gofer to Speaker Pelosi, pitching hate for the President and will do whatever she is told to do and in return she counts upon help from wealthy Democrats and the Democrat National Committee (DNC).

She has allied herself with Omar and AOC and others idiots in the "squad" who openly project their hate for Israel and all Jews. Underwood has credentials as a nurse, yet she believes that abortions, even in the late term and in those minutes before birth of a baby and perhaps even following the birth is OK given a woman's "right to choose." She babbles about how she has the formula and skill for lowering drugs prices for Americans, but she lacks even an iota of influence in Congress and in the drug industry,

Does she belong in Congress, in the People's House, whose No. 1 mission is legislation for the country which will benefit all Americans? Of course she doesn't.

William Juneau


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