Believing what you want to believe

Updated 4/6/2020 5:15 PM

First, the opinions of Lanlan Hoo and Silvia Corneli Pelech were excellent and accurate concerning "government programs" and "Italian health care" respectively. Thank you.

Unfortunately the opinion piece/complaint, on March 30 by Laszlo Stephan of Elmhurst had little validity. Donald Trump knew of the coronavirus since December, but instead of revisiting important health agencies that he disbanded/underfunded, he tried to deny the problem, refused to accept serious data from medical people around the world. He hindered the CDC in trying to get precautions out in a timely manner to the American people. I repeat, in December.


Mr. Stephan is trying to malign the Democrats for a five-day delay, in contrast to the several months of denial and delay that Trump caused. Remember the Democrats had a plan to cope with COVID-19 fallout, while Republicans were still denying the severity of COVID-19 and they had no plan. The Democrats did want to include much-needed additives for health care and minimum wages to help the average American. Not just a corporate bailout, i.e., stock market concerns, airline bailouts, all for corporate America.

Trump has delayed since December needed funds and needed help to aid medical professionals to deal with this most serious virus. He is still playing politics. Florida (his political cronies) have gotten more than they need of medical supplies, while Michigan, for example, is being punished by withholding medical aid because of Trump's childish feud with that state's Democratic governor.

Now is not the time to play politics with people's lives. Be thankful Congress did come together, miracle of miracles, the Senate and Trump actually approved a plan.

Isola Metz


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