We need the press -- and compassion

Updated 3/28/2020 8:55 AM

So thankfully, Donald Trump has accepted and acknowledged the present and future suffering caused by COVID-19. No longer does he believe that it is a Democratic hoax. No longer does he believe that it will disappear as we welcome spring

Ah yes, our president is now listening to the scientific community, the medical experts and researchers that hopefully will lead us back to normalcy.


So why then does he continue his cruel rhetoric and surliness toward respected journalists who only wish to get clarification relative to the complexities that this novel virus presents? In this regard, at a TV press conference on March 19 with a scolding demeanor he commented to reporters, " You know you people should be sitting farther apart (three chairs separated them while he was bunched together with several of his staff at the podium)."

He pointed to them like they were bad/defiant children. However, a few days earlier Mr. Trump was seen shaking hands with several cohorts in defiance of HIS medical experts' advice. But the following is what disturbs me the most: After commenting about the reporters' physical distance from each other, he arrogantly stated, "I would like to get rid of 80% of you."

Considering the devastating effects of the coronavirus, this comment was awful, insensitive and beyond cruel. Donald Trump continues to disparage and disrespect reporters. How well I remember when he mercilessly mocked that disabled journalist with cerebral palsy. Mr. President, we need genuine kindness and empathy from you. The press is not "The enemy of the people"; it is our FRIEND. Do we have a friend in you? May we all be careful and stay healthy.

Larry J. Powitz

Arlington Heights

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