Missing sports but still doing fine

Updated 3/28/2020 8:55 AM

I just finished Rozner's article on the love of sports. I understand his points on missing sports and how much it means to him. I am also sorry for the loss of his brother.

When my wife and I had two of our five children in March, I was able to watch the NCAA tournament while she was in labor and it passed the time. I have to say I am not missing sports now. Our oldest daughter is a nurse and out of the house, but the other four kids are home, three from school. I am loving it. We have family lunches, dinners going for walks, good conversations. We are having movie nights. The kids are staying home. My wife and I are really enjoying it.


I feel bad for athletes in school who have not been able to compete. NBA, NHL, MLB, Soccer, don't miss it at all. The amount of money these athletes are making is out of control. The cost to go to the pro sporting events is out of control.

I will now have to pay to watch baseball on TV. Are you kidding me? The money grab the Cubs are doing is not a sitting well with me and most of the people I talk to.

I feel bad for the people who work for these pro organizations but maybe they should pay less to the athletes and more to the people who really do the work. Sports will come back, and I think sooner than later, but for now we are doing just fine without them.

Bill Garcia


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