The better Republican for 6th District

Posted3/4/2020 1:00 AM

I can't understand why you would endorse Jay Kinzler Republican for Congress in the 6th District. Jeanne Ives was also in the military, an Army veteran and West Point graduate. It's just so obvious you are endorsing him because he is the weaker candidate and you want Casten to win the district. Casten is a do-nothing who just bought himself a nice expensive condo in Washington. Guess he doesn't know the job is only "two years."

Why would a kidney transplant doctor give up his profession? It has to be a very lucrative occupation. That's what he knows, so he talks about his patients in interviews and debates?


Jeanne Ives is the stronger candidate, with a record of leadership. Can you imagine being a Republican in Springfield? I've met some of the women who would hold "coffees" in Glen Ellyn with the electorate, they don't allow you to speak or question them. Jeanne is open, honest and knowledgeable.

During her three terms in Springfield, Jeanne Ives refused both a taxpayer funded pension and health care. You should respect that as a taxpayer who pays for those pensions. I am thoroughly impressed with Jeanne Ives and her experience and capabilities to represent the 6th District of Illinois.

Joyce Osborne

Glen Ellyn

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