Stop-and-frisk makes neighborhoods safer

Posted2/29/2020 1:00 AM

Stop-and-frisk is a gun control program that singles out high-crime, high-murder areas and then by metal detectors and police patrols, stops people and removes their handguns. Just like the scales of Lady Justice, it is a blind procedure not related to race.

The Democratic Party has been giving lip service to gun control, so why is it so against a program that actually worked in New York and other cities. The NRA didn't even strongly object to the program because it didn't take rifles or handguns and shotguns out of people's homes. It just dealt with handguns.


FBI statistics from 2018 show that 6,600 people were killed by handguns, while 700 were killed by rifles and shotguns, so almost 10 times as many.

Let's find neighborhoods that have very high murder rates and use a similar program to remove the dangerous handguns from those areas. When law-abiding people see the success of the program, they will not feel the need to carry handguns themselves and neighborhoods can become safe again.

Edward Smetana

Arlington Heights

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