Learn from our mistakes

Updated 2/28/2020 1:49 PM

Ms. Lykowski may justly be concerned with the recycleability of turbine blades. That does not mean we should stop using them. How often are the blades replaced anyway? It is imperative that we stop using fossil fuels to generate electricity.

One option is a redesigned nuclear reactor. This option has been proven by the Bill Gates Foundation. Gates has spent millions of dollars researching a safe nuclear option. More could be found in the series, "Inside Bill's Brain," on Netflix.


The China Syndrome was a movie and pointed out flaws in the last generation of nukes. The Japanese failure was of that type. That plant was obviously built in a very poor location. We should learn from our mistakes and build safe nukes. We have nothing in the manner of solar and wind that can possibly provide all the energy our society demands.

Roger Lehmann

St. Charles

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