Who says Democrats aren't united?

Updated 2/17/2020 2:16 PM

One gets the impression that the Democrats' leadership is somewhat in disarray. I think those people are mistaken. It is clear to me that the Democrats hold fast, as a group, to their core beliefs:

1) Socialism (the top 3 finishers in Iowa were Sanders, Buttigieg, Warren). They seem to believe that the U.S. taxpayer should pay for their folly.


2) Infanticide. ALL of the Presidential candidates have stated their position favoring abortion rights. When Buttigieg was asked in a town hall meeting about the 40 million pro-life Democrats, he essentially said he opposes them. In the House of Representatives, the Democrats, on at least 80 opportunities have voted down a bill to stop infanticide. One only has to look at illinois, to see the joy in the administration for passing legislation that seeks infanticide.

Clearly, the Democrats are united.

Michael Klestinski


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