What has our country become?

Updated 2/17/2020 2:16 PM

Amen to Louis Guagenti's letter to the editor.

Acquittal, hah! The facts were there -- plain as day. Only one Republican, Mitt Romney, had the courage to stand up for what is right. Of course, when you have a president threatening members of his own party, that they better back him or else, what's a person to do? Apparently turn the other cheek and pretend nothing happened.


We have now given this person free reign to do whatever he wants with no consequences for his actions. And now what? We get to listen to his lies.

One especially unnerving one is on preexisting conditions. Not only is his administration involved in a lawsuit to kill the ACA, his 2020 budget also has cuts to Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and the arts, to name just a few.

He has been tweeting that all of this was a vicious attack on him and that all issues brought up were unfounded, that it was a hoax. He claims he has done nothing wrong. I listened very carefully to what was presented and then watched as the Republicans and Mitch McConnell swept everything under the rug.

I believe that everything that goes around comes around and that Mr. Trump will one day get his comeuppance. For the first time as far back as I can remember, the United States is now alone.

Is this what is becoming of our democracy and our country? I certainly hope not.

Sandra Alter

Hoffman Estates

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