The second official who should be impeached

Updated 2/17/2020 2:16 PM

In 1992, Attorney General Bill Barr helped orchestrate the pardons of the convicted Reagan administration criminals in the Iran Contra scandal to bury the corrupt involvement of Ronald Reagan and GHW Bush, by freeing those who would have testified against them.

Fast forward to 2019 and now AG Bill Barr is using the power of his office, so far, to bury the criminality of the most dangerous lawless, anti-Constitutional, anti-Democratic, anti-Republic President to ever disgrace the halls of the Whitehouse.


First, by lying to the American public with his obfuscation of the results of the Mueller Report. Barr's "exoneration" demagoguery hid the fact that Trump and his campaign used foreign influence, via our adversary Putin and his GRU, to spread lies and propaganda designed to influence America's most gullible citizens into voting for a pathological liar, con man and fraud as President. Then, Trump used the powers of the office to obstruct justice in his cover-up.

Putin's primary intention was to destroy America's republic, constitution, democracy and rule of law from within. So far, he is succeeding beyond his wildest expectations.

To this day, Trump and his accomplice Barr are using our Department of Justice to bury corrupt foreign influence in our elections, investigate political rivals, exonerate convicted felons and war criminals, and sweep away the investigations into Trump's money laundering, tax evasion, insurance and banking fraud, rape accusations and other crimes under investigation by the SDNY prosecutors.

We the people of the educated majority must rise up and hold this lawlessness to account, lest we lose our constitution and the republic for which it stands. This includes ousting his venal sycophant defenders in Congress and removing, via impeachment, the second most dangerous fascist in America, Bill Barr, who is guilty of enabling the most dangerous fascist in America, Donald Trump himself.

Bob Janz


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