Base criticism on facts, not talking points

Updated 2/17/2020 2:16 PM

Jerry Freda's recent letter to the editor criticized 6th District candidate for the House of Representatives Jeanne Ives by implying she would "kneecap seniors" by supporting the Trump administration's proposal in November 2019 regarding Social Security reform as well as the president's recent comments that entitlements would be on his plate "at some point."

The November proposal was referring to a reevaluation of Social Security disability eligibility ... not retirement payments to seniors as Mr. Freda would lead one to believe. The proposal would add a fourth category of recipients who are deemed to have "Medical Improvement Likely" to the current three categories and would require these recipients to have their eligibility reviewed every two years. It is not an arbitrary cutting of benefits to needy recipients.


The proposal has absolutely nothing to do with cutting benefits to seniors. Representatives from both political parties seem to agree that changes are needed to the Social Security system in order to keep the system solvent. No Social Security retirement income changes have been formally proposed but even the ideas being floated would not have an effect on current seniors' payments.

The two most prominent ideas I have seen involve continuing to raise (or eliminate) the earned income limit on payroll tax and raising the full retirement age to 70. Again, neither of these would have any effect on current payments received by seniors.

As for Medicare, the president tweeted just over a week ago that his budget proposal "will not be touching your Social Security or Medicare." Mr. Freda obviously does not care for Ms. Ives or the president. That is fine. He is entitled to his opinion. It would be nice, however, if he took the time to educate himself before denouncing a candidate based on partisan talking points.

Paul Gennuso


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