Another potential vote for divisiveness

Updated 2/17/2020 2:16 PM

I used to vote in Republican primaries back when there was a Republican Party, before it became the Party of Trump. Now, here comes Jeanne Ives seeking the Trump Party's nomination for Congress. Well, she'd fit right in.

She's backed by right-wing extremists and is not shy about advancing the politics of ridicule and deception. During a run against Rauner, she stood behind her notorious campaign ad which mocked Illinois residents, and primary voters rejected her extremism and bitter tone.


Ives is an anti-choice radical who claims her opponents are persons of bad character with evil motives. She claims Sean Casten, the 6th District incumbent representative, and all Democrats for that matter, are unwilling to consider real-world evidence and offer practical solutions to the nation's problems.

She fails to mention the more than 400 bills, some sponsored by Casten, which have passed the House, many on a bipartisan basis. These bills address real world problems like prescription drug pricing, health care costs and election integrity, and every one of them is stuck on Mitch McConnell's desk. They are not brought up for discussion much less debate in the Trump Party Senate. Apparently, Ives endorses party leaders eager to prove good government is beyond the reach of Americans.

The president recently delivered his State of the Union address, which is supposed to be about the health of our Union, that is, the project of caring for and advancing the ties that bind us together. Trump used the occasion to address his base and dismiss the rest of the nation.

Our Union is in deep trouble. Ives would spread Trump's poison to the 6th District. She'd be another vote in the House in support of Trump's divisive policies, his personal corruption and his determination to undermine our Union.

R.J. Restivo


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