A presidential candidate who addressses solutions

Updated 2/17/2020 2:16 PM

As we approach our Illinois March 17 primary after witnessing many of the divisive minutes over the last four months, one candidate has risen above the fray for me. Although not in the top four, Amy Klobuchar has articulated positions in a consistent and coherent program.

She has been addressing the domestic hot-button issues without throwing fuel on the fires, but by addressing solutions to the base causes that concern us. There is room in her inclusive approach for people willing to roll up their sleeves to establish those solutions, while addressing the fundamentals desired by a majority of us that have been blocked by special interests. As a coalition builder she is the one who will diplomatically connect our country with allies to create a more unified world.


She is courageous and pragmatic with a Senate record to prove it. As we approach the primary, consider a leader who will not quit. Amy speaks to me, please listen, and vote.

Terry Witt


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