Vote for truth

Posted2/14/2020 1:00 AM

Take a look around. Think about everything you have ever done, all of your experiences. For the vast majority, these events have happened here. On our blocks, in our neighborhoods and towns.

We grew up with people that knew the difference between right and wrong.


Between lies and truth. All of these things happened to us, fortunate residents of the most prosperous, richest nation, in the entire history of this planet.

Now let's look at the recent measures the president has decreed, We must reduce the assistance we can provide to the sick, the elderly, the uninsured, the hungry, the disabled, the homeless, and the unschooled.

They have had it too good, it's necessary so that we can continue to operate the tap which drains the middle and lower classes to further enrich the corporations, businesses and the wealthy.

Wait, hold on. That's right, we can vote. Truth wins. Trump loses.

Glenn Golz

Arlington Heights

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