How to stop the lying

Posted2/14/2020 1:00 AM

Well the show is finally over and the showman is running wild with his mouth. This is only my expression of the whole trial. It seamed to me that everyone agreed that he did something wrong and whether or not you agree is not the point; the point is he lied and he has lied or twisted the truth often. This is the point: He is the President of the United States and he lies, so in case you have not noticed, lying has become normal in the U.S. and it is time we all admit to that.

So now how do we tell your kids and grandkids that lying is wrong when the president seems to do it more or less all the time, and his following lets him get away with it?


This is how we do that, we start with the politicians and remove them from office and we explain to the kids and grandkids that they stretch the truth too often and they cannot be trusted so that is their punishment. That should get the kids thinking maybe lying is wrong. OK, it will take a long time replacing the old with the new, but we have to start somewhere and that's as good a place as anywhere. So, people, if you think the first act was bad, wait for the second act.

I see he has already said "President 4 ever."

Richard Schwarz


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