Americans must act to fix immigration

Posted2/13/2020 9:39 AM

Joe Guzzardi's Jan. 1 column about the "great divide" between Congress and the American people re: immigration again reminds us of the unpleasant truth that not enough Americans care about their country.

Yes, there are millions of Americans worthy of the name who truly are concerned about an immigration policy that benefits the few at the expense of the many, but many of them still refuse to say publicly what they believe privately. Talking to pollsters is not the same as meeting with your members of Congress, picking up the phone to talk with them, airing your views on radio talk shows, or writing letters to your local newspapers.


There are many victims of our federally created immigration crisis, most notably the very vulnerable members of our society who must compete with foreign workers willing to work for less and whose presence only depresses wages.

We are asking the readers of this newspaper, many of whom get misty-eyed on Memorial Day, wave the flag on July 4 and "thank" veterans on Nov. 11, just how this country will benefit from the Census Bureau's projection that another 75 million people will be added to our population by 2060 and that immigration will account for 95 percent of this nation's population growth, which will result in 404 million people living here in 2060.

If the Herald's readers remain silent on this question -- and I think the absence of comments regarding Guzzardi's column says a lot -- then there is very much truth in the statement from Mark Steyn, cultural commentator and author, that our society has "become too stupid to survive."

Dave Gorak, Executive Director

Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration

La Valle, Wisconsin

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