Care for environment before 'bottom line'

Updated 1/21/2020 8:05 AM

I happened to catch President Donald Trump on TV recently. He was in the White House, surrounded by a gaggle of business people representing various interests. They were smiling as he announced the rollback of more environmental protections.

I contacted Rep. Casten's office (he's on the Subcommittee for Energy and the Environment) to register my concerns. I urged him and the Congress to protect our environment more vigorously. It strikes me as absurd that a self-serving president like Trump can use his office to garner support and money from corporate interests. And we can be quite sure there is a quid pro quo involved.


In 1969, the Cuyahoga River in Ohio was actually on fire. My entire adult life, our nation has been cleaning up the mess left by previous polluters. Now it appears a whole new batch is waiting in the wings to begin the process of wrecking our environment once again. And apparently our Impeached president is enabling it.

These protections should be cast in stone and not left to the whims of the next group of profiteers who care nothing for our nation, only their bottom lines. Too much effort has been put into cleaning up the environment to allow this to happen.

Jill Versace


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