Cartoon misunderstands Warren's position

Posted1/16/2020 1:00 AM

The political cartoon on the editorial page for Dec. 31 (a young Elizabeth Warren asking Santa to give her other people's stuff) struck me as a clear misunderstanding of the position of the left on income distribution. It's not that Sen. Warren or others of her ilk want more stuff for themselves. It's that they believe all people should have basic needs met and a chance to improve themselves. Most especially those with less.

The senator is not hurting for and I doubt desirous of more stuff. Though she has turned down the chance to be a corporate sellout for a big paycheck, she is probably doing well as a senator, college professor, author, etc. Her wealth tax plan would tax you 2% of what you have over $50 million (your first $50 million) and 3% over your $1 billion (A billion and ditto). Let me know when you feel the pinch.


Capitalism has proved to be the greatest wealth generator ever devised. However, it is very bad at wealth distribution. Unrestrained, it becomes the game of Monopoly where the winner has everything and those who are left out have nothing.

Unrestrained capitalism will kill itself. If one company controls a market (think Rockefeller's Standard Oil or Bezos' Amazon) it can force competitors out, tell the politicians what to do and make their own rules. As less people have more -- and more people have less -- it creates an unstable society.

It becomes "When you've got nothing've got nothin' to lose" ("Like a Rollin' Stone" Bob Dylan). I would prefer ... "When it's better for everyone, it's better for everyone" (Eleanor Roosevelt). Think about it.

Ed Dassow


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