Sanders could be key

Updated 1/13/2020 9:59 AM

I always felt that she could have been better helped by Bernie Sanders. The other former candidates seem to encourage their loyalists to vote for her. Bernie Sanders' help was deafening by its absence. I wish he had insisted that his supporters vote for her. I fear he will do the same again for the 2020 election.

Our nation cannot survive another four years of Trump. We will be extremely fortunate to survive even one more year of a Trump presidency without another world war. Almost as bad would be strikes all over the world targeted at Americans and their allies, if there are any left.


We need to have a second chance to restore our nation to what we had before this self-centered, mindless, psychopath took office. If Republicans don't have the guts to stand up against him, the voters must.

If Bernie Sanders is not the Democratic nominee, he must implore his supporters to "Vote Blue, no matter who." The future of our nation and its people depends on a Democratic president being elected in 2020.

Karen Wagner

Rolling Meadows

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