Iran backs down

Updated 1/13/2020 10:05 AM

President Trump just proved Ronald Reagan was right when he said "peace through strength." After President Trump terminated Soleimani, the worst terrorist in the world, Iran promised a massive counter attack on the U.S. in vengeance. While the world watched, Iran launched a "pretend " missile attack on Iraqi military bases where U.S. troops were stationed.

Not one American or Iraqi was killed or injured in that "pretend" attack, several of their missiles missed their targets, and some did not even explode. We also know that Iran even warned America that the missiles were coming.


Why did Iran launch this "pretend" attack that hurt nobody? They had to do something to protect their honor, but they knew that they dare not hurt any Americans or President Trump would destroy their military and economy with accurate missile launches, not U.S. troops.

The bottom line is, Iran backed down because they feared Trump's resolve. Just as every mother raising a child for thousands of years has known, if you punish bad behavior you get less of it. Iran knew that Trump would give them a heck of a spanking if they hurt any American.

Then in his speech the next day, Trump graciously did not order a severe attack on Iran and instead told them that if they want peace and prosperity, he is willing to work with them but he will not allow them to have nuclear weapons. Trump let Iran know that their future is in their own hands.

President Trump also let Iran know that the days of Obama's $150 billion "appeasement" strategy are over. President Trump will reward Iran's good behavior and punish their bad behavior. Every mother on earth should understand Trump's strategy for peace.

Randy Rossi


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