Beware what may be waiting for us

Updated 1/13/2020 9:59 AM

Listening to 80% or more of the pro and con arguments on impeaching the president, one would think that main reason that the Democrats want to impeach the president is that they are angry about and want to overturn the 2016 election.

When this independent voter talks to Democrats, while not happy with the results of the 2016 election, they reluctantly accept the results of the Electoral College even though Hillary Clinton won by a plurality of 2.8 million votes. Rather, they are unhappy that Clinton arrogantly neglected Wisconsin, Michigan and the rural counties of Pennsylvania as well as stupidly insulting potential Trump voters, thus motivating their turnout. How could she? Full disclosure, I didn't like Clinton, and I liked Trump even less.


When I talk to Republicans who support the president, here are the questions I ask: Is Donald J. Trump a good man? Is he an honorable man? Does he have unimpeachable character, integrity, morality? Does he value truth, honesty, facts, evidence in general, evidence-based science, compassion, kindness. Does he treat people with dignity and respect? Has he had no #MeToo accusations? Does he base conclusions on evidence, reason, rationality and critical thinking (of which there are 30 cognitive skills)? Is he competent and qualified to be president? Has he actually read the Constitution? Did he seek out the best, most learned, competent and preeminent people for Cabinet positions? Has the president made fewer lies and misleading statements than Obama's 18 in eight years?

Do Republicans even try to answer those questions? No. Rather, they will say something to the effect, "Trump isn't perfect, but the country needed someone like him to drain the swamp of the establishment elites. And the economy is great? Really? I see another swamp forming. And the economy? If something (deficit spending) can't continue forever, it won't. You will not like the coming "crash."

David Thiessen


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