Remember Underwood's political courage

Updated 1/7/2020 6:42 PM

Instead of just speculating about the political implications of Congresswoman Lauren Underwood's impeachment vote ("Underwood says she'll back impeachment. She's taking a political risk doing so." Dec. 17), can we also take a moment to celebrate her political courage?

Undoubtedly, Underwood and other Democrats would prefer to make the 2020 election about pocketbook issues like how to make medicine and health care more affordable.


But when the president tried to use his government office -- and our tax dollars -- to solicit foreign interference in the next election, Underwood and other members of Congress understood they had a duty to act.

With this impeachment vote, Congress is sending a strong message to all future presidents: Rigging an American election with foreign help -- as Donald Trump clearly tried to do with Ukraine -- is way out of bounds.

Free and fair elections are fundamental to our democracy. With her vote, Congresswoman Under-wood put the interests of the nation ahead of her own personal political interest. Wouldn't it be nice if some Republicans in the Senate would do the same?

John Kohlstrand


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