This time, columnist requires a response

Updated 12/15/2019 1:44 PM

Most of the time, we read this guy's writing and just shake our heads. Today we can't. Referring to his Dec. 5 column, does Byron York realize Trump made no mention of his actions in 2016 when he willingly asked and accepted help from Russia?

Mr. York obviously chose not to defend Trump's actions when dealing with the Ukrainian president. Does Mr. York realize the Mueller Report findings were legitimate? Does he realize Trump blocked all executive staff witnesses from testifying? Does he realize the attorney general refused to investigate so the House had to as they have a constitutional obligation to use checks and balances to keep the executive powers in check? Don't you want his actions investigated? Do you want future presidents to have no accountability? We think not.


Mr. York would be the first to call for impeachment if it were a Democratic president. He should write his opinions only when based on facts.

Candy and Ray Knippenberg


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