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Updated 12/11/2019 11:27 AM

I would like to take advantage of Palatine Township's taxi voucher program for seniors more often, but many times there aren't any cabs available when I need one. The problem is exacerbated because there are currently only two cab dispatch companies, American Dispatch and 303, that will accept the vouchers. I am not referring to odd times, either. I normally need a cab on Saturday evenings between 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. for a local trip from the Palatine train station to another location in Palatine. I have never been able to obtain a cab via 303, and American Dispatch normally doesn't have any available.

Of course, the cab companies are under no obligation to have cabs available at any time. However, the customer service representatives at American Dispatch always guarantee that a cab will be available. Whether I order one a day in advance, or shortly before the time that I need one, they will guarantee it right up until the requested pickup time. It is only then that they will confess that there are no cabs available, along with a lame apology.


I have contacted the owner of American Dispatch about this, but he did not respond. I also notified a supervisor who responded to my first message by asking me to give her some time to look into it. That was about five weeks ago. My follow-up messages to her that provided specific details have not rendered a response.

The least that Palatine Township and the cab companies can do is to be honest about the availability of cabs. It does not appear that Palatine Township considers the taxi voucher program to be important enough though.

John Olsen


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