Spreading holiday cheer

Updated 12/11/2019 11:27 AM

In the spirit of holiday cheer, it is so wonderful to discover that I have a Secret Santa. I'm a senior citizen, aged 74, and live in a condo building. I put a Santa Claus decoration outside my door and thought it was so cute that someone dropped a dollar bill in Santa's pouch. After I chuckled, a short time later, I found another dollar bill in Santa's pouch and then once again another dollar bill toward the end of the day.

The next day, again secretly, the bills jumped to $2 twice a day and on the third day, the contribution jumped to $5 once a day and continuing. I haven't been able to catch this very generous person, but he or she has put a big smile on my face for not only their generosity, but for spreading holiday cheer and displaying how wonderful people can be. Thank you, Secret Santa, for all the smiles you have given me this holiday season. I keep scratching my head as to who you are and appreciate your very big heart.


Mary G. Chiero

Arlington Heights

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