Myths vs. facts

Updated 12/11/2019 11:27 AM

As the impeachment hearings into our corrupt, lawless president continue, America is witnessing the venal sycophancy of Republican congressmen abdicating their oath to defend the Constitution from enemies of the state both foreign (Putin) and domestic (Trump).

Let us examine myths vs. facts:


Myth: It's normal for presidents to make deals with foreign governments.

Truth: It is completely unprecedented for a president to extort a foreign government to manufacture conspiracy theories about opponents to influence an election.

Myth: The aid was distributed to Ukraine eventually, so there's no problem.

Fact: The aid was not released until after the whistleblower complaint was made public.

Myth: Trump was just trying to root out corruption in Ukraine.

Fact: During two phone conversations Trump never mentioned "corruption." If he was serious about rooting out corruption, he would start with his own administration.

Myth: The whistleblower has to testify publicly or the complaint is not valid.

Fact: The whistleblower's anonymity is protected by law. Every witness has corroborated the charges in the original complaint.

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Myth: Hunter and Joe Biden broke the law and should be investigated.

Fact: There is absolutely no evidence for the RW conspiracy theory that Hunter or Joe Biden broke any laws, and that was corroborated by testimony.

Myth: The White House has been completely transparent; it's the Democrats who are hiding secrets.

Fact: The White House is stonewalling testimony and documents. The Democrats have released all transcripts created in hearings which Republicans also participated in.

As Trump's Republican co-conspirators try to deceive America, The only question for 25% who still defend this despot will be "Is treason against the Constitution, acceptable if committed by another Republican?" If so, then Putin accomplished his goal.

Bob Janz


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