A perspective on lying

Posted12/10/2019 1:00 AM

In a Dec. 4 letter titled "Will senators see reason?", the writer points out that according to The Washington Post, President Trump has lied or misled us 13,435 times since he took office. This is a remarkable statistic. It is open to question as to how this number could be objectively calculated and printed as fact. But as long as The Post is engaged in compiling these kinds of statistics perhaps they could furnish us with the number of lies and misleading statements made by all the leading politicians. Then we could compare and rank then like we do with sports stats such as baseball player's batting averages. And while they're at it, maybe they could tabulate the number of lies and misleading statements they have published since President Trump was elected. When the murdering terrorist Baghdadi blew himself up as a result of our special forces operation recently, The Washington Post originally headlined his obituary, "Austere Religious Scholar Dies at 48." It should be apparent to anyone past the age of reason that you can't believe everything you read in The Washington Post.

Tim Kindlon



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