Biden should be disqualified, too

Posted12/8/2019 1:00 AM

I was just reading the Opinion/Editorial page and was intrigued by the perception differences between us over the impeachment hearings. I don't know enough about the facts or about the laws to really know if the situation being discussed was an impeachable offense. However, if the Democrats believe that what occurred on the phone call between our president and the leader of another country is impeachable; they then need to hold anyone seeking office to that same standard. What this means to me is that the Democrats should demand that Mr. Biden withdraw his candidacy for president.

In Mr. Biden's own words that were recorded for the all the world to hear and see, Mr. Biden bragged about withholding funds to influence the outcome of a foreign governments decision on an investigation that had a direct tie to his own son. There is no question about that, as its very easy to find, see and listen to. This should mean to the men in Washington who feel so adamantly that Mr. Trump be impeached, that they too hold their own accountable for what they say is the same actions.


Brian Smith


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